SKAGEN | is a lifestyle brand inspired by the contemporary Danish design movement. Inspired by their country's design tradition, rooted in the place where style meets simplicity, Danish watch makers Skagen are the epitome of stylish simplicity. Combining sophisticated design and functionality, their timepieces represent a passion for intricate craftsmanship. SKAGEN's streamlined styles are infused with warmth and character - making them unmistakably inviting. Unquestionably SKAGEN. The Skagen watch collection takes inspiration from the clean lines and focused aesthetic that's characteristic of its Danish roots, resulting in a range of timeless timepieces that are both minimalistic and innovative.

Founded in 1989, SKAGEN was inspired by the coastal Danish town where our founders delighted in a warm sun and the mysteries of two merging seas. Today, SKAGEN designs uncomplicated & timeless watches, jewelry, leather and other goods for men and women living in an energized, modern world. It help people across countries and cultures make their mark on time. The Skagen brand works as an alternative to a brash and busy world, with simplistically elegant designs that emphasise function and uncomplicated pleasures. As a contemporary lifestyle brand, Skagen brings together quality materials and design with a true sense of purpose. These ladies' and men's watches have a refined style that never goes out of fashion, from subtle daywear to clean, graceful occasion pieces. The principles of great craftsmanship combine in Skagen watches with contemporary Danish design concepts for a conservative, streamlined and functional range of practical yet elegant accessories. SKAGEN, a division of Fossil Group, operates nine retail stores in the U.S. and Europe as well as with wholesale distribution in nearly 80 countries worldwide.

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