"FOSSIL | Helplessly inspired. Hopelessly creative. Fossil are creating the most authentic, vintage-inspired, creatively charged, beautiful things for interesting people #Callingallcurious. Fossil has become one of the most innovative companies in the world market and continues to reinforce its initial philosophy of constantly pushing the boundaries of design, innovation and technology all symbolized by its products & its people. ""LONG LIVE VINTAGE"", that is the heart and soul of FOSSIL. FOSSIL brand – its people, products and culture – is about a unique kind of inspired creativity.

Fossil is a global lifestyle company specializing in consumer fashion accessories. It designs, markets, distributes and retails accessory products under both owned and licensed brand names. A distinctive modern vintage design aesthetic defines the Fossil brand, fusing elements of vintage creative culture, Mid-Century Modern design, and contemporary fashion. With offerings that include watches, jewellery, leather goods, sunwear, apparel & footwear. Fossil continues to grow as it introduces new designs, stores and product categories.Representing the concept of accessible cool, Fossil's identity is anchored in vintage authentic style mixed with a creative spirit and a sense of humour that extends into all its product offerings, graphics and one-of-a-kind, trademark collectible tins. Fossil creates modern yet vintage products for everyone, a simple yet compelling idea reflected in the Company's tagline, ""Long Live Vintage"". Founded in 1984, Fossil was the first American brand to bring value and style to the watch category transforming the concept of timekeeping from the merely functional to chic and stylish must haves for the wrist. Since then, Fossil has always been in the avant-garde, whether in terms of technology, the choice of materials or design. Fossil offers an extensive line of watches under its proprietary FOSSIL brand & pursuant to license agreements, under some of the most prestigious brands in the world, including ADIDAS, BURBERRY, DIESEL, DKNY, EMPORIO ARMANI, MICHAEL KORS & MARC JACOBS. In the early 1990's, Fossil expanded its core business, launching a line of accessory products including handbags, belts, small leather goods and sunglasses under the FOSSIL brand."

Exclusive Collections

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  1. FOSSIL JF03320793
    Fossil FOSSIL Men Vintage Casual Bracelet
    19 BHD
  2. FOSSIL JF03197791
    Fossil FOSSIL Women Classics Necklace
    29 BHD
  3. FOSSIL JF03179040
    Fossil FOSSIL Men Vintage Casual Necklace
    24 BHD
  4. FOSSIL JF03314040
    Fossil FOSSIL Men Silver Necklace
    29 BHD
  5. FOSSIL JF03313040
    Fossil FOSSIL Men Silver Bracelet
    24 BHD
  6. FOSSIL JA7013710
    Fossil FOSSIL Women Red Bracelet
    21 BHD