Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange

"ARMANI EXCHANGE | Giorgio Armani launched his younger diffusion line Armani Exchange in 1991. Influenced by street culture and dance music, its high-performance watches fuse standout branding with durability. A|X brings the catwalk to the high street with their modern, stylish watches. Men’s Armani Exchange watches tend to be larger as is the current trend in gent's watches, whilst the ladies watches are often adorned with sparkly crystals. The famous A|X logo features heavily in the design of the Armani Exchange range which allows you to show your watch off with any outfit.

A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE Watches interpret the refined & unique style of the ARMANI world with a modern sensibility, for a young, urban, casual consumer, looking for the ARMANI elegance but with a pop accent at an affordable price. The A|X story began in the United States in the Nineties. The brand was created within the Armani world, from which it has inherited its essentiality, developing however its own unique and clear-cut identity, specifically for its target market: a young, modern & informal consumer, who lives in high society. Year after year, A|X transformed in-step with the evolution of the latest lifestyle trends and modes of expression, becoming increasingly more global. Today, A|X is the symbol of a reinvented ‘city style’, where the modern, creative and ‘all-digital’ spirit of the metropolitan youth meets with Italian taste and creativity, Armani’s sartorial heritage and culture, to create new and original combinations. Young, urban, colorful, bold & accessible. This is A|X style, which translates into the Watches Collections with a strong personality, proposed in several distinct platforms to satisfy the needs of the different wearers."

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