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  1. JUST CAVALLI JC1L115M0045 Watch
    JUST CAVALLI Just Cavalli Glam Chic Women Silver Analog/Quartz Watch
    Special Price73 KWDRegular Price103 KWD(29% off)
  2. EMPORIO ARMANI AR80024 Watch
    EMPORIO ARMANI Emporio Armani Kappa Women Blue Analog/Quartz Watch
    Special Price66 KWDRegular Price95 KWD(31% off)
  3. ROBERTO CAVALLI RV1L081M0061 Watch
    ROBERTO CAVALLI Roberto Cavalli Rc-78 Women White Analog/Quartz Watch
    Special Price191 KWDRegular Price273 KWD(30% off)
  4. POLICE P 14990BSTR-04M-SETB Watch
    POLICE Police Set Box Women Silver Analog/Quartz Watch
    Special Price58 KWDRegular Price69 KWD(16% off)
  5. SKAGEN SKW1108 Watch
    SKAGEN Skagen Freja Women White Analog/Quartz Watch
    Special Price34 KWDRegular Price49 KWD(31% off)
  6. COACH 14503278 Watch
    COACH Coach Grand Women Multicolor Analog/Quartz Watch
    Special Price29 KWDRegular Price59 KWD(51% off)
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  1. MICHAEL KORS MK6110 Watch
    MICHAEL KORS Michael Kors Mini Parker Women's Watch
    Special Price62 KWDRegular Price89 KWD(30% off)
  2. DKNY NY2306 Watch
    DKNY Dkny Soho Women's Watch
    39 KWD
  3. WELDER WRC301 Watch
    WELDER Welder Smoothy Men's Watch
    Special Price49 KWDRegular Price89 KWD(45% off)
  4. WELDER WRC805 Watch
    WELDER Welder Breezy Unisex Watch
    Special Price33 KWDRegular Price69 KWD(52% off)
  5. MICHAEL KORS MK3785 Watch
    MICHAEL KORS Michael Kors Jaryn Women's Analog Watch
    Special Price43 KWDRegular Price83 KWD(48% off)
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# Customer Reviews

Excellent (3.9)

Aweful.. They sent me a used watch which has scratches all over it! Never again

- By Rund Khalaf on Oct 15, 2019

Good service

- By Hynz on Oct 15, 2019

Good service and delivery on time.

- By Muhammad Ali Khalid on Oct 15, 2019

Good and Genuine Product👍

- By Enniel Orence on Oct 15, 2019

Ontime is truly ontime. Great

- By GYANENDRA KUMAR SWAIN on Oct 14, 2019

Services very good

- By Ebtisam Al-Gheryafi on Oct 14, 2019

Their follow up is really too bad. I sent a email after i placed an order and the response was really bad. I mean this is the second time iv been through this experience. Please employ people who can speak and understand English not only Arabic.

- By Elizabeth Rodrigues on Oct 14, 2019


- By غاده العويرضي on Oct 14, 2019

The glass of the watch had cracks during delivery. I had gifted it to someone and came to know this later. This was so embarrassing!!

- By Thariq Aziz on Oct 14, 2019


- By Deemah Alnasser on Oct 14, 2019

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