ESPRIT | The watch collection is a stylish return to classic elegance and luxury, but twisted with Esprit’s fresh and playful contemporary vision. Lightweight stainless, PVD rose and gold plated steels have been used to create a variety of cases, some inspired by vintage chronographic dial designs and others featuring decoratively modern resin inlays that create eye-catching textural and visual effects. This contrast can also be seen in the strap designs that range from classic distinguished leather to matching steel bracelets with corresponding resin inlays that showcase Esprit’s signature contemporary style.

ESPRIT is an international fashion brand that has been bringing style and quality to life since 1968. First sold from the back of an old VW camper van, which also doubled as the brand’s original headquarters, in down town San Fransisco, Esprit has grown and become one of the world’s most recognisable designers of on-trend, contemporary fashion and lifestyle wear. Founded in San Francisco by Susie and Doug Tompkins, ESPRIT has a creative and responsible DNA fused with a sunny Californian attitude. Effortless style, authenticity and easy going living are at the heart of the brand philosophy. International designers bring the brand’s charisma and energy to life with inspiring collections for women, men and kids. ESPRIT timewear & jewel encompass a wide range of products for women and men to ensure that customers look great for every occasion. The company's "esprit de corps" reflects a positive and caring attitude towards life that celebrates real people and togetherness according to the brand promise: "We want to make you feel good to look good".

  1. ESPRIT ESRG00022218
    Esprit Sunset Sparkle Women Rose Gold Ring - 008
    Special Price 5 KWD Regular Price 23 KWD (78% off)
  2. ESPRIT ESRG00082217
    Esprit Tara Women Two Tone Ring - 007
    25 KWD
  3. ESPRIT ESBA00022200
    Esprit Esprit Women Rose Gold Bangle
    25 KWD