sam edleman


SAM EDELMAN | Since its inception in 2004, designer Sam Edelman’s eponymous brand has defined laid-back luxury and timeless American style. Bringing together a lifetime of global travel, a love of timeless design, and more than 30 years of experience in footwear, the Sam Edelman lifestyle collection is inspired by a life well-lived. Sam Edelman has been the modern woman’s go-to brand for iconic gladiators and the Gigi sandals since its inception in 2004. Edelman’s impeccable eye for fashion and footwear led to the Sam Edelman brand’s success as a producer of signature silhouettes and an ever-stylish aesthetic.

At ONTIME, we bring your most favorite footwear brands. Sam Edelman is continually innovating, inventing and empowering fashion to bring the modern woman luxury footwear that she can flaunt everyday.