Sector No Limits was launched in 1973 and has always been closely associated with continuous personal challenges. Its essence is encompassed in 3 keywords: SECTOR NO LIMITS - INDESTRUCTIBLE - ITALIAN DESIGN.

During the eighties and nineties, many athletes successfully completed challenges accompanied by Sector No Limits technical and sports watches, achieving together important and unforgettable performance records, combining pure technology to Italian design. These heroes' feats entered the public imagination, and Sector No Limits became the expression of technical quality and the sporting performance of daring men who defy themselves.

Today, Sector No Limits continues to support indestructible athletes who challenge their own abilities in order to overcome and win their own personal challenges. Sector No Limits, therefore, not only represents a trademark that is closely connected to these sportsmen, but also a true style of living for those who love to test themselves and to live in close contact with nature.

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Indestructibility, Italian design, sport, precision, performance, and innovation are part of the Sector's DNA: a unique combination that makes every watch one of its kind, while possessing the genes of a deep passion for the world of action and for its protagonists, as well as a love for technological research and a constant striving to overcome personal limitations. Sector No Limits watches interpret the philosophy of intense sport, understood as performance, comparison, passion and loyalty through technology and innovative Italian design.

Sector No Limits watches accompany famous athletes in their performances, without forgetting those who in their everyday lives wish to be self-confident, dynamic and daring, who never want to stop, while striving for perfection and continuously chasing their own limits.

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