The Future of Sneaker Care is here. Sneaker LAB is an innovative shoe care brand with a passion for all things sneakers. We’ve taken this passion for sneaker culture and combined it with science, to create a natural line of sneaker cleaning products. Each Sneaker LAB product carefully applies biotechnology to create an effective, environmentally friendly solution for your shoe cleaning needs. We’ve achieved this by taking our cue from nature to harness the power of live bacteria rather than using harsh chemicals.

Sneaker LAB now presents the future of sneaker care with CLEAN | CARE | PROTECT: A 3 step shoe care routine that involves our Sneaker Cleaner, Odor Protector and Sneaker Protector.

CLEAN - our Sneaker Cleaner is unlike many products on the market in that it does not contain any soap or harsh chemicals. Instead, we harness the same cleaning power that Mother Nature uses; bacteria. The bacteria that we use is bioengineered to break down dirt at the molecular level and continues to work long after application.

CARE - our Odor Protector is designed to treat the cause of bad smells, not the symptoms. That unwanted odor that can sometimes be found in your shoes is actually caused by bacteria. So we decided to fight fire with fire. Our formula contains bioengineered bacteria that feeds on the bad odor emitting kind and continues to work long after the first application.

PROTECT - our Sneaker Protector uses a water-based formula containing polymers that coat the fibres of your shoes, which prevents stains from setting into the fabric. Our formula also contains sunscreens to help prevent premature fading from the sun’s harmful UV rays.