Thom Olson

Thom Olson

THOM OLSON I Free, changing and unexpected, Thom Olson is born with the desire to show what makes you unique. The brand carries the values of sharing and freedom, with the conviction that everyone can shape their own identity. Thom Olson watches are designed  to fully express your personality. Because we are not the same every day, many charms come to customize our watches according to the mood or the occasion.

Our refined and timeless creations reveal your originality. Affirm who you are, even for a moment. The brand embodies an open-minded generation of individuals. Thom Olson watches are your personality on your wrist.

Exclusive Collections

Ontime delivers superior styling, quality and value.

  1. THOM OLSON CBTO027 Charm
    Thom Olson Thom Olson Charm Unisex Gold Charms
    Special Price 3 KWD Regular Price 9 KWD (67% off)