Our story is a homage to our passion for adventure. Going beyond the point where others stop and dare to explore different cultures, untouched nature, and the beauty the world has to offer. Away from distractions and focusing on what’s around us. Travel has a way to bring new perspectives, creativity, and memories that you will keep with you for life. This is what inspired us to create WoodWatch.


We create timeless designs, inspired by our passion to the untouched places in the world and all it has to offer. For adventurers, by adventurers.


Every watch is handmade from the finest quality wood, making each explore of them unique. Also, all our products contain natural wood, from all over the world. Each type of wood has its own colours, grain, hardness and beauty. In selecting wood types we only take the best sustainable sources that we can find.


Together with Trees for the Future we donate 1 tree for every watch sold with the so-called Forest Garden Program. We do this to compensate for our wood usage and carbon footprint but also to support local communities in Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The Forest Garden Program is a proven successful approach. By planting specific types of trees in a systematic manner over a four year period, families can positively change their lives forever.


So far we’ve planted more than 500,000 trees thanks to the incredible WoodWatch community.

    WOODWATCH Pinewood Watch Box
    7 KWD