CASIO | Casio G-Shock Watches meant for Tough, Water & Shock Resistant. G-Shock is a line of watches made by Casio, intended to oppose mechanical stun and vibration. Its full form is Gravitational Shock. They are composed basically for games, military & out side Events; almost all G-shock are computerized or a mix of Analog ,Digital and have a stopwatch highlight, commencement clock, electroluminescent backdrop illumination and water resistance.G-Shock watches are mainstream with mountain climbers, firefighters, paramedics, individuals working in the seaward, cops, space explorers, movie executives and troopers. Launched in 1983, G-Shock was at the forefront of ‘90s fashion. The Japanese brand is known for its easy to read digital face, chunky silhouette and all round coolness. Kick it old school with some simple colours or go all out with a printed piece.
  1. CASIODW-6900BMC-1DR
    CASIO Youth Men Quartz Digital Watch
    35 KWD
  2. CASIODW-5610SU-3DR
    CASIO Youth Unisex Quartz Digital Watch
    35 KWD
  3. CASIOGW-B5600SL-5DR
    CASIO G-Steel Men Watch GW-B5600SL-5DR
    55 KWD
  4. CASIOGW-B5600SL-4DR
    CASIO G-Steel Men Watch GW-B5600SL-4DR
    55 KWD
  5. CASIOGW-B5600BP-1DR
    CASIO G-Steel Men Watch GW-B5600BP-1DR
    52 KWD
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GBA-900SM-7A9DR
    48 KWD
    CASIO G-Squad Men Watch GBA-900SM-1A3DR
    48 KWD
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GBA-900RD-4ADR
    48 KWD
    CASIO Mudmaster Men Watch GA-900VB-1ADR
    56 KWD
  10. CASIOGA-900TS-6ADR
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GA-900TS-6ADR
    59 KWD
  11. CASIOGA-900AS-1ADR
    CASIO G-Shock Unisex Watch GA-900AS-1ADR
    49 KWD
  12. CASIOGA-700CA-2ADR
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GA-700CA-2ADR
    39 KWD
  13. CASIOGA-400SK-1A9DR
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GA-400SK-1A9DR
    46 KWD
  14. CASIOGA-2200BB-1ADR
    CASIO G-Shock Unisex Watch GA-2200BB-1ADR
    49 KWD
  15. CASIOGA-2100VB-1ADR
    CASIO G-Shock Unisex Watch GA-2100VB-1ADR
    45 KWD
  16. CASIOGA-2100SKE-7ADR
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GA-2100SKE-7ADR
    42 KWD
  17. CASIOGA-2100BP-1ADR
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GA-2100BP-1ADR
    42 KWD
  18. CASIOGA-100BP-1ADR
    CASIO Youth Men Watch GA-100BP-1ADR
    47 KWD
    CASIO Unisex Watch A171WEGG-1ADF
    20 KWD
    CASIO Unisex Digital Watch A100WEGG-1ADF
    22 KWD