HUAWEI | Youthful Design Meets Ergonomic Comfort. Every Unique Side of You & express yourself by giving your device as much personality as you have. HUAWEI Watch Face Store offers various watch faces in different styles of sports, cartoon, intelligence and hi-technology for your selection. The style changes with your mood. Slim, beautiful & strong. Inspired by the aesthetic design of minimalism, HUAWEI WATCHES & Bands integrates a high quality 3D glass face to create the bezel-less vision. One wearable with endless options. Long Battery Life, Travel without Limits, Real-time Heartrate Monitoring, GPS for more accurate, faster and precise positioning, multiple sports modes for many outdoor/indoor and training activities, intelligent sleep statistics, smart notifications to power through your day. Collect the other supported cool accessories FreeBuds, Band4 & FreeLace. Exclusively available at ONTIME.
  1. HUAWEI55028115
    HUAWEI Gt-3 Runner Men Watch 55028115
    100 KWD
  2. HUAWEI55028858
    HUAWEI Frigga-B19V Unisex Digital Watch
    140 KWD
  3. HUAWEI55027159
    HUAWEI Gt 3 Unisex Smart Watch - 55027159
    90 KWD
  4. HUAWEI55027140
    HUAWEI Gt 3 Unisex Smart Watch - 55027140
    75 KWD
  5. HUAWEI55026959
    HUAWEI Gt 3 Men Smart Watch - 55026959
    90 KWD
  6. HUAWEI55026958
    HUAWEI Gt 3 Men Smart Watch - 55026958
    70 KWD
  7. HUAWEI55026846
    HUAWEI Galileo-L24E Men Smart Watch
    110 KWD
  8. HUAWEI55026845
    HUAWEI Galileo-L14E Men Smart Watch
    120 KWD
    HUAWEI Gt-Active Men Smart Watch HUW-WATCH-GTACTIVE-R
    49 KWD