"AIGNER | a German brand with an Italian soul. The owner of an Aigner ladies’ watch, clearly demonstrates a confidence of style and elegance & a pronounced sense of craftsmanship. Designed for people with an awareness of prestige, who understand fashion as a statement of vogue and individuality, each Aigner timepiece reflects its owner’s deep sense of exclusivity & beauty. Like wise the owner of an Aigner men’s watch, shows his self-confident grasp of style and elegance & a distinctive recognition of craftsmanship. Finished with an insatiable ambition of satisfying only the highest demands of quality, every watch that bears the Aigner brand label, is an exclusive product unto itself.

The characteristic AIGNER ""A"" in the form of a small horseshoe combined with the AIGNER-typical Antic red colour was soon not only a striking feature of the best handbags, belts and expensive travel luggage but also leather-encased cigarette lighters, corkscrews, pipesmokers' accessories, and even backgammon boxes. This sophisticated brand, famous for its classic designs, has been around for 50 years. The great fashion designer Etienne Aigner, first started in leather goods, showing a handbag collection in New York over half a century ago. The brand of Aigner was born a few years later when he met Heiner H. Rankl, a businessman that had a great sense for the future as well as tradition. It was more intuition than calculation that created an AIGNER brand world which reflected and enhanced a life of pleasure, savoir-vivre & sheer style. "

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