Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

SCUDERIA FERRARI | what happens when funky Italian design meets precision Ferrari engineering? The Scuderia Ferrari watch collection. Italy has long been synonymous with the height of European style, with Milan Fashion Week spotlighting all the latest trends each year. The Ferrari brand is associated with high quality sports cars. Scuderia Ferrari watches have been designed for men who want to be on-trend without compromising on functionality or features, and want something accessibly priced. With a wide range of designs to choose from, each Scuderia Ferrari watch is reminiscent of the complexity of a Formula 1 engine with automotive influence for the man whose life is lived on the go. Sporty yet sophisticated, Scuderia Ferrari watches feature fashionable detailing and bright metallic accents.

Ferrari changed the world automobile history in May 1947, when in Maranello factory came the first car with the rearing steed in the logo. According to the creators, Ferrari watches deserve more than just a logo on the dial, so Ferrari watches have the same origin as the Ferrari's car. The production of Ferrari watches was inspired by the manufacture of Ferrari cars. Ferrari watches are equipped with special screw-down crown, which is a convenient short course: just rotate one-quarter to unscrew or tighten it. The watch has even button chronograph features reminiscent of the dashboard Ferrari. This crown provides a good waterproof watch, plus the convenience and speed of the plant. Like cars Ferrari, watch of this brand can be divided into two parts. Sports Watches Scuderia with a yellow flag and a figure who stood on his hind legs have the character of horse racing cars.

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