PICTO | Ever since the first mechanical clocks were made in the 1200s, they have consisted of a face and two hands. Until Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen set out to challenge the traditional understanding of a mechanical watch. Originally conceived in 1984, Steen and his partner Erling had a mission: to design a watch that challenged traditional thinking. The watch should be as minimalist as possible and only consist of a dial and one hand. The result is PICTO, means Picture of Time & the name is extremely well chosen for the watch. In a time when everyone was busy talking about “time is money”, and “every minute counts”, the two creators went in the diametrically opposite direction.

With its clean, minimalist graphic lines, PICTO represents a distinct picture of time in a way that no other watch does. At the same time, its technical design is unique for a wristwatch. Minimalist design in its purest form. The idea was to minimize the forms on the dial so they came up with a system of rotating disks instead of hands. The hour is indicated by a dot on the rotating dial, while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. A steel dot marking the hours is affixed to the rotating watch face, creating an effect that represents the earth moving and time passing, while the minute hand moves as normal. PICTO is the first wristwatch to use this rotary disk system, which is powered by a Miyota Quartz movement. The PICTO wrist watch comes in variety of different colors and expressions. The watch’s minimalist form and unique mechanism earned it a place in the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. With PICTO you are not a slave of time. Here, the day is not divided into minutes and seconds. It is rather an indication of time. Once you’ve tried it, you become addicted.

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