ROCHAS | Rochas is a style above all – a vision of a slender, elegant and bold Parisian woman. This femininity imbues every creation, from fashion to fragrance, from accessories to jewellery. Grace, youthfulness and joy are woven into the history of Rochas – with the rustle of lace or a floral fragrance trail, the Maison invents a free-spirited allure and a chic fluidity. A creative world of perfect balance between seduction and liveliness, discretion and fantasy.

In 1925 Marcel Rochas founded the world-famous brand ROCHAS. In 1989 the ROCHAS company entrusted the production of its watches to one of the renowned Swiss watchmaking house. All things, which were presented to the world by the legendary fashion designer Marcel Rocha, are original, beautiful, perfect and the watches are not the exception. The wrist watches ROCHAS are the embodiment of French charm and Swiss reliability, which also combines elegance and refined simplicity. The Group operates its Watches production through Units in Switzerland. A carefully balanced mix between experienced Industry experts and young, innovative talents ensures a complete dedication to customer, marketing and quality service. For its brand portfolio, the Brand follows a selective approach to assure a complementary structure in terms of price and design positioning, while its distribution focuses on geographical dispersion.