T&A CARBON | A perfect fusion of technology and design, absolute quality, impeccable craftsmanship and exclusive sportsmanship is the characteristics of T&A CARBON, created by Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and designers Mr. Talal Alhabib & Mr. Abdullah Alhabib having dedicated passion towards high quality carbon fiber & innovation. The advancing versatility of contemporary cutting edge elements and dapper style demands. It has long proven capable of interpreting the perfect combination of creativity with Carbon Fiber. The result has yielded projects in which exclusive design combines with technology and innovation to perfect effect.

Beyond the limits of time, the distinctive Watches are state-of-the-art time pieces combining ultimately chic designs, created with high quality carbon fiber. Captivating colors in striking choices of polished grey, alluring blue, captivating yellow and fascinating red are sure to strike your interest. Sunglasses are hand made in Italy, an innovative and advanced production process gives rise to carbon fiber, a composite material with unmatched properties. The combination of carbon fiber with epoxy and resins creates a material with revolutionary features: high mechanical strength, low density, light weight, excellent thermal insulation, hypoallergenic and flame retardant properties. Each T&A CARBON Watch & Sunglass is the end result of a long process full of skill and passion, which can be seen in the construction of the movements, the painstaking care in selecting the materials used, the analysis and design adopted, and in the carefully chosen leathers used for the watch straps, whilst also ensuring the finished product will be a masterpiece. ONTIME, proudly associate with T&A CARBON Watches & Sunglasses to be one of it's exclusive partner across the region.