WELDER | The name WELDER is synonymous with ELEGANCE, PRESTIGE, and PERFECTION to watch enthusiasts and watch collectors throughout the world. With its meticulous hands craftsmanship, unique design and amazing looks, this WELDER watch is sure to amaze its wearer each time the band is strapped on their hand. If you ever dreamed of having your very own versus Timepiece, this is your “Time”!! Welder’s timepieces are bold & chunky—a truly stylish watch with a futuristic edge. The signature of Welder watches are it's crown & pushers that placed at the left side.

Welder Watch is a brand designed by Italo Fontana, inspiring people who is seeking for a new way of doing, daring to look different, promising new experiences with moods that reflects the watches. Welder timepieces reach into the future & give us tomorrow’s watch designs today. The very name itself, "Welder" signifies the welding of emotions between people, the welding of time & space, and the ambitious traveling through space-time that designer Italo Fontana anticipates will become a reality by the year 2075. Welders motto is 'you define your own terms'.

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