LACOSTE | Effortlessly stylish and modern. The Lacoste watch debuted in 1993, inspired by the traditional polo shirt and featuring a distinctive green trim with textured detailing. Since that time Lacoste watches have been developed in numerous sporty and decorative styles (such as the Goa line ) centred around that famous crocodile, from the bold and provocative to the tastefully subtle.The French Lacoste brand has a history that begins on the tennis courts, where founder René Lacoste first made a name for himself. The tennis pro was given the nickname ‘The Crocodile’ for his tenacious performances. This would eventually become the iconic logo of his fashion label, established initially for the creation of his trademark tennis polo shirts in 1933. This collection of Lacoste watches features the crocodile emblem within bold and exciting designs for men and ladies. With a vision to be the leading player in the premium casual wear & Accessories market, the Crocodile brand is today present in 120 countries & two Lacoste items are sold every second in the world. Optimism and elegance are the core values of Lacoste, promoted with enthusiasm and passion. A Lacoste watch is a must have for your sporty character inside you.

Exclusive Collections

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  1. LACOSTE 2001127
    Lacoste Lacoste Women Quartz Analog Watch
    67 OMR
  2. LACOSTE 2001116
    Lacoste Lacoste Women Quartz Analog Watch
    75 OMR
  3. LACOSTE 2001112
    Lacoste Lacoste Men Quartz Analog Watch
    80 OMR