The story of the luxury brand AIGNER is a spell of passion, creativity and craftsmanship.

An AIGNER product is considered by many to be a modern classic, but this contemporary brand has a history that can be traced back to Hungary in 1904, when its founder and original designer was born.

The company was based in Munich, where the mood was one of excitement and a euphoric belief in progress. The free-spirited nature of the time influenced the company’s direction and AIGNER went on to become a cult brand by virtue of its reflection of a life of pleasure and savoir vivre.

The company chose wild horses as its symbol, as it chimed with the atmosphere, materials and designs that defined the company, as well as the luxury of upmarket horse culture. The horseshoe became more than just a decorative symbol – it represented everything that the company believed in.

Luxurious leather bags carrying the famous horseshoe shaped ‘A’ are at the core of the brand. Together with Swiss Made timepieces and accessories, AIGNER is a timeless expression of German precision and Tuscan tradition. The master touch of AIGNER resonates in every product of the brand, making AIGNER a class apart.